Arcomusical’s unique compositions and collaborations have formed a substantial body of repertoire (currently 44 works) by nearly twenty composers. This catalog has changed the landscape of musical possibility for the berimbau musical bow, and is a critical component of the Arcomusical mission. It offers real music to share with communities at home and abroad. Fueled by our vision of harmony and equality in community, we also cherish collaborating with composers from underrepresented groups (e.g. people of color, women, and LGBT).

Alexandre Lunsqui

Alexis Bacon

Alexis C. Lamb

Andrew Noble

Brian Wach

David M. Gordon

Gregory Beyer

Jeff Herriott

Jeremy Muller

Joseph Harchanko

Kyle Flens

Kyle Krause

Lejaren Hiller

Mateus Oliveira

Matthew Dotson

Miles Okazaki

Tobias Wagner