Instrument Makers

Early on, a question posed by many enthusiasts of our work concerned access to both instruments and music. Since 2014, Arcomusical has developed an ongoing collaboration with woodworker and luthier David “Snappy” White. The result is a unique, hand-crafted, tunable musical bow that Arcomusical performs exclusively in its performances and on its recordings. These instruments, lovingly referred to as “Snappy-Baus” or “Arcomusical” are available for purchase through the Arcomusical online store. By making both available on the Arcomusical website, we are delivering a service that will allow bow music culture to grow in the United States and abroad. 

The Snappy-Bau brings unique elements of design and a level of craftmanship that are perfect for Arcomusical music making. The initial inspiration for the design came from Décio Sá and the wonderful people at BerimbauBrasil, who are carrying on the tradition of a gentleman and capoeirista, Mestre Moreira, now deceased, who created a beloved instrument known as the berimbau ecológico. Here is a video that celebrates Moreira’s life and contributions to the berimbau musical bow: