musical bow workshops

“I cannot thank you enough for the quality, care, musicianship, professionalism, and friendship that pervaded your brief but meaningful residency at Kansas State University. Together with your group Arcomusical, you presented lectures, demonstrations, and concerts to audiences of three distinct performances (each in a different venue) and to students in courses ranging from music to dance. You provided valuable insight for our percussion students in particular not only in the musical mechanics of berimbau and other instruments of capoeira, but also in terms of the meaning of music itself. This is true of all participants—performers and audiences alike. Likewise, your ensemble members are as gifted as teachers as they are performers, a point not lost on our students—what an outstanding model! In these and other ways, you truly touched those with whom you came in contact in meaningful and positive ways. I am grateful for this, as well as your friendship. Very best wishes for the remainder of the year and beyond.”

– Kurt Gartner, D.A., Associate Director, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Kansas State University

For advanced percussionists and Brazilian music enthusiasts, Arcomusical offers in-depth, focused sessions on berimbau basics including: the proper hand-hold and playing technique, basic sounds and correct execution, basic rhythms, songs, and full ensemble play of the Capoeira Angola tradition, extended techniques of the Arcomusical composition palette, Arcomusical chamber music examples and much, much more.