post-concert hands on sessions

“It was a huge treat to witness the April 2017 master class/performance by Greg Beyer and Arcomusical—on so many levels! All at once, our students, faculty, and guests were offered a window into traditional Afro-Brazilian music, the traditional berimbau, considerations for a modern instrument builder, forming a new type of chamber group, composing new music with stylistic integrity, and even how to put on a presentation that tells a beautiful story, informs, emotionally engages, and entertains! Arcomusical played a generous program of music that revealed a range of expressive possibilities, as well as their virtuosity as performers. A wonderful group!”

– Nancy Zeltsman, Head of Percussion and Marimba, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

The joy of the berimbau is contagious and after Arcomusical performances, audiences invariably come up on stage to try their hand at playing the berimbau themselves. Audience members young and old alike join Arcomusical members as the basics of holding and playing the instrument are explained and tried out for the first time. Joyful conversations around these sessions sometimes last as long as the concerts themselves!