“Arcomusical demonstrated such a rich understanding of a truly amazing cultural musical heritage covering history, construction, technique and practice.  It was a very inspiring presentation and between the opportunity to experience the demonstration of their own world class innovation in this area as well the opportunity for each participant to get hands on experience, I think everyone walked away with the awareness that they were a part of something special.”

– Kevin Brown, Bellas Artes School of Music, July 2018

At schools, universities, camps, community centers, and before/after concerts, Projeto Arcomusical offers educational residencies that include a wide range of activities meant to engage broadly and deeply in each community. Residency activities include:

multi-media informances

post-concert hands on sessions

musical bow workshops

composition seminars

large ensemble rehearsals

the “Lappy-bau” monochord for young musicians


Click here for supplementary materials from previous Arcomusical residencies and classes (password required)