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Three Covers for Ramiro Musotto's book, "O Berimbau da Capoeira."

Ramiro Musotto’s “The Berimbau in Capoeira”

Deeply studious and committed to researching the traditions of the berimbau in capoeira and beyond, Argentinian musician Ramiro Musotto (1963-2009) began sketching a book, “The Berimbau in Capoeira,” which included dozens of pages of his own transcriptions of classic capoeira recordings by Mestre Bimba as well as Mestres Gato Preto, Canjiquinha, Vavá, and many others. Under the seal, Harp Dan Special Projects, a much richer yet still incomplete second edition of the book under the title “The Berimbau of Bahia” seems to have been published in 2010 with support from the Secretaries of Culture and the Economy.

Here, Arcomusical is committed to completing and extending Musotto’s book in its original format with bilingual text and links to Musotto’s own artistic output as well as the many wonderful recordings that informed Musotto’s transcriptions.

Download Berimbau de Capoeira (IN PROGRESS)