David “Snappy” White

David “Snappy” White is the creative force behind the hand-crafted Arcomusical musical bows that Projeto Arcomusical uses exclusively on the album, MeiaMeia. From planing and laminating the wooden slats; to band sawing the shape of the tuning peg extension; to an incredible array of tools used to rip, sand, and polish the wood; David puts meticulous detail into every step of the building process. Aside from being an unrelenting perfectionist, David is also an incredibly charismatic, humorous, and very classy gentleman. Arcomusical could not be more proud to be working with someone who cares so much about his craft.

What people are saying about the “Snappy Baus”

“The berimbaus designed by Greg Beyer by David “Snappy” White are in one word, AMAZING! David’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is extraordinary and the sound is just beautiful. These instruments are quite simply the best.” – Scott Ney, Director of Percussion, Center for the Arts, University of New Mexico

Snappy Bau Details