Stephen Deeter

I am a composer and singer based in Appleton, Wisconsin. I graduated Lawrence University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Music in composition and music theory. There I studied under renowned composers Asha Srinivasan, Joanne Metcalf, Evan Williams, and John Benson.

My education, and my interest in music as a whole, has focused significantly on the music of today. What are composers doing now that hasn’t been done before? How are composers from every background changing and evolving the way that music is understood, defined, and listened to? These questions motivate my desire to be a part of the 21st century musical world, both by trying to share my love of it with other people, and by offering my own voice to this ever-changing musical landscape. Music is dynamic, it is universal, and most of all it is fun. I hope that I can help others to realize these things.