• Kyle Flens
  • Trio
  • 2017

The voice may be sung in whatever octave is most comfortable for the performer. Vocal notes should be sung on an “ooh” /o͞o/ syllable. The note names at m.136 indicate what note is sung on each repeat (note that the A and A# should be in the
octave below the initial B note). The mute sound at rehearsal D is produced by gently placing any finger on the string
near the bridge and is indicated with a staccato mark.

The baquetas (sticks) used by the performers should have about three inches of moleskin wrapped around the stick, placed about three inches away from one end. “W” indicates wrapped stick (played with the moleskin) and “U” indicates unwrapped stick. The dotted lines from W to U and vice versa mean to gradually shift from one surface of the baqueta to the other. The moment of moving from wrapped to unwrapped can occur naturally at any moment during the shift. All three players start with the short wire above bridge. Player 1 flips the instrument at m. 59 to coin notes on the longer side of the wire.

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