Arcomusical (staff only)

Our unique Arcomusical (berimbau) is an excellent hand-crafted musical instrument designed for Arcomusical by David “Snappy” White. Over the course of two years, White’s meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the Arcomusical’s development has led to perhaps the finest tunable musical bow in the world. Made from the highest quality maple and purple heart, the strength of the three-layer laminate structure ensures that the staff will endure years of playing. A purpleheart bridge keeps metal from metal, allowing for clean separation of the resonating wire from the metal bass-guitar tuning peg. The tuning peg itself allows for a wide tuning range for the instrument to be easily played in a myriad of musical situations.

(Musical bow ONLY. Cabaça, caxixi, stick, coin sold separately. For an instrument including these accessories, please choose Arcomusical COMPLETE.)