Projeto Arcomusical’s debut album release with Innova Recordings, MeiaMeia presents twelve original compositions from Gregory Beyer and Alexis C. Lamb that offer an incredibly colorful portrait of the berimbau musical bow. The traditional Afro-Brazilian berimbau is a disarmingly simple instrument: a single steel string, a wooden bow, a resonating gourd. On MeiaMeia, the berimbau is literally reinvented. Thanks to custom tunable instruments expertly hand-crafted by David “Snappy” White, composers Gregory Beyer and Alexis C. Lamb and the dedicated talent of ensemble Projeto Arcomusical take the berimbau to new heights of collaboration, interplay and communication. The album is dedicated to Naná Vasconcelos (1944-2016), whose pioneering work with the berimbau was the original inspiration for everything for which Arcomusical stands.