Emigre and Exile

Emigre and Exile is Arcomusical’s third album project. A product of the pandemic that has dramatically shifted all of our lives, it was recorded entirely in multi-track fashion to ensure the safety and well being of each individual musician during the pre-vaccine era in the summer of 2020. It features six compositions by four composers: Jeremy Muller, Alexandre Lunsqui, Matt Ulery, and Arcomusical Artistic Director Gregory Beyer. This album continues Arcomusical’s musical vision to celebrate and highlight the voices of the Afro-Brazilian berimbau and its African musical bow cousins such as the Tsonga xitende from Mozambique and the Zulu umakhweyana from South Africa.


Emigre and Exile includes premiere recordings of six works by four composers: Matt Ulery, Alexandre Lunsqui, Jeremy Muller, and Gregory Beyer.