Projeto Arcomusical began forming in 2013 to interpret the duos and trios that eventually became part of the group’s first recording, MeiaMeia. This work cycle took two-and-one-half years to complete and consists of twelve works organized in a Noah’s Ark-esque fashion: two solos, two duos, two trios, two quartets, two quintets, and two sextets, one of each composed by ensemble co-founders Gregory Beyer and Alexis C. Lamb. The ensemble grew steadily according to the size of the works and was recorded in the summer of 2015. Arcomusical released MeiaMeia in 2016 on Innova Recordings.

Also in 2016 Arcomusical received a Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Grant that produced “Roda,” the kaleidoscopic, twenty-minute, four-movement work by Elliot Cole. “Roda” is featured on Arcomusical’s second album, “Spinning in the Wheel” now available on National Sawdust Tracks.

What critics are saying:

“In a breathtakingly stunning effort, the Projeto Arcomusical ensemble has crafted a work of such unique beauty, I find it difficult to focus my thoughts amidst a flood of adjectives that spring to mind in response to the auditory joyful discovery this CD provides.”
– N. Scott Robinson, Percussive Notes, May 2017

Spinning in the Wheel
“Spinning in the Wheel feels like a jam session with a plan: friendly, welcoming, and not at all micro-managed. Projeto Arcomusical’s unique sound, easy groove, and danceable writing makes one forget the hours of work that the ensemble has put into making it sound “easy.” The most wonderful thing about Spinning in the Wheel is the fun that Projeto Arcomusical clearly had while making the album, and any listener can hear it immediately. As a group, they achieve simplicity without austerity and complexity without sacrificing clarity.”
– Kathleen McGowan, I Care if You Listen, July 9, 2019