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Kituxi e os seus acompanhantes com Elias Dia Kimuezo (Angola)

This is a short clip from a longer film about Kituxi, the most famous hungo performer in Luanda, the capital of Angola. The hungo is the most direct ancestor to the Brazilian berimbau.

    Mateus Oliveira

    Naná Vasconcelos

    Home page of internationally famed percussionist who is considered one of the foremost pioneers of creative berimbau playing. His recording, Saudades, was the initial source of inspiration for my passion for the berimbau. In 2007, I interviewed him for an article in Percussive Notes.

      OBA DX – Orquestra de Berimbaus (Bahia)

      This is a berimbau ensemble based in Salvador, Bahia, that took its initial inspiration from the work of Ramiro Mussoto (1963-2009) an Argentinian percussionist who followed in the footsteps of Naná Vasconcelos as a pioneer of creative playing for the berimbau.

        Os Jovens do Hungo (Angola/Portugal)

        Website of an Angolan ensemble that features the hungo, a direct ancestor to the berimbau. This ensemble began playing together in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. Because of the decades’ long civil war in that country, they relocated to Lisbon, Portugal.

          Ramiro Mussoto (1963-2009)

          An incredible berimbau player of Argentinian origin who began developing a career for himself in Brazil. He was well on his way toward further development of the berimbau as an instrument of incredible creativity. Sadly, he died of cancer at the age of 45.