Instrument Makers

Arcomusical has become part of a global community of researchers and composers, performers, instrument builders, and capoeiristas. In the United States, Brazil, Africa, and elsewhere around the globe, Arcomusical is creating vital connections between people in order to celebrate, re-think, and transform this beautiful instrument.

Berimbau Brazil

This atelier is making some incredibly beautiful and innovative designs for berimbaus meant to be playing in tuneable and creative situations. They have worked with many great performers such as Ramiro Mussoto and have developed instruments with more than one string. Their staves are made out of laminate strips of wood and are very beautiful and very strong. They also come equipped with musical instrument tuning pegs to make precision tuning a much easier endeavor than with traditional instruments.

    David “Snappy” White

    David "Snappy" White is the creative force behind the hand-crafted Arcomusical musical bows that Projeto Arcomusical uses exclusively on the album, MeiaMeia. From planing and laminating the wooden slats; to band sawing the shape of the tuning peg extension; to an incredible array of tools used to rip, sand, and polish the wood; David puts meticulous detail into every step of the building process. Aside from being an unrelenting perfectionist, David is also an incredibly charismatic, humorous, and very classy gentleman. Arcomusical could not be more proud to be working with someone who cares so much about his craft.