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Alexis Lamb and the UARAP Program

Yesterday, at an NIU Percussion Area Performance Convocation, Alexis and I “premiered” her new berimbau duo, “Descobertas por pau e pedra.”

It was a very beautiful experience. The energy was high and the students were very complimentary of Alexis and her piece.

Chris Komos said, “Thanks, you just made my day better.”
Ovell Landers III chimed in, “I never thought the berimbau could sound like that!”
Brian Wach: “I have been looking forward to this performance for awhile, and it exceeded my expectations.”

I, too, am very impressed by the piece that Alexis has written. It is idiomatic, it is sensitive, there is a lot of space in the piece, and she’s given herself a chance to “discover” the instrument in a solo cadenza that gets better each time she performs it.

Brava, Alexis!!!

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