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Arcomusical had the pleasure of working with Four/Ten Media to create beautiful videos to accompany our second album release, Spinning in the Wheel. Not only did this result is a series of absolutely gorgeous music videos, Twenty-First Century Musician ( featured these videos in a special “making of” story. The video promotes both the excellent work of Four/Ten and helps us tell the story of our mission and what we stand for.

(2006) by Jeff Herriott

"Berimbau Duo no. 2"
(2015) by Gregory Beyer

(2013) by Alexis C. Lamb

"Caída de quatro"
(2014) by Alexis Lamb

"Berimbau Quintet no. 1"
(2014) by Gregory Beyer

"Roda, mvmt 4, "Singing""
(2017) by Elliot Cole