“Lappy-bau” monochord for young musicians

“I felt like a child again! The whole time! I couldn’t contain the joy! From their mesmerizing performances to the laughter and joy that could be found at every “hands on” station, every face in the room was smiling. Greg’s team are as humble and generous as they are gifted, and I know Greg has modeled this for them.  I want all of our students to experience what we did that day!”

– Justin Jacobson, Director, Bellas Artes School of Music, July 2018

One considerable difficulty when first learning the berimbau is simply how to hold the instrument. Its unusual construction can be both awkward and heavy at first, and can put particular pressure on the furthest extension of the little finger of the holding hand. For young people, this task can make a hands-on experience with the musical bow virtually impossible. But thanks to a laptop box-style monochord we loving refer to as the “Lappy-bau,” Arcomusical can share the joy of the berimbau with even the smallest of children and the slightest of hands. Co-designed by Arcomusical Education Director Alexis C. Lamb and original berimbau luthier David “Snappy” White, the “lappy-bau” allows the joy of musical bow discovery to be accessible to everyone.