Arcomusical has become part of a global community of researchers and composers, performers, instrument builders, and capoeiristas. In the United States, Brazil, Africa, and elsewhere around the globe, Arcomusical is creating vital connections between people in order to celebrate, re-think, and transform this beautiful instrument.  

Angola with Mestre Cobra Mansa

A short documentary film with interviews of Capoeira Angola practicioners, notably among them Mestre Cobra Mansa. The interviews offer a glimpse into the philosophy embodied and cultivated by practicioners of the most traditional form of Capoeira.

    Barracão d’Angola

    This is a community organization on the coast of the Atlantic in Serra Grande, Bahia. It is run by Mestre Eldio “Cabello” Rolim, and his wife, Tiza, who are both excellent capoeiristas. Cabello is also a very talented percussionist. He was my first formal berimbau teacher and his questioning method as a teacher turned out to be profoundly influential for what has become of Projeto Arcomusical.

      FICA – Bahia and Mestre Valmir

      This is the headquarters of FICA in Salvador Brazil. It is run by Mestre Valmir dos Santos Damasceno, the gentleman who has made virtually every berimbau that I own and play.

        Grupo Nzinga

        Also located in Salvador, Grupo Nzinga is a sister school of Capoeira Angola to FICA - Bahia. What makes this organization special is that it is run by three mestres, two of whom are women. They place a special energy on creating a positive environment for learning that is family and children friendly.

          Quilombo Center Chicago / Capoeira Angola Chicago

          This is the headquarters of the International Foundation of Capoeira Angola (ICAF or FICA)in Chicago. Contramestre Roberto “Beto” Defreitas and his spouse, Treinel Huu, run and operate a family friendly environment that is steeply rooted in tradition.

            Roots of Capoeira – Mestre Cobra Mansa

            Mestre Cobra Mansa is a scholar and historian in addtion to being an exceptional capoeirista. He has created a full-length documentary film, shot in Angola, tracing the routes of Capoeira Angola to its namesake country. Much of the footage takes place in various locations in Angola.